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Should I Get a 2018 Healthcare Plan with Dental or a Membership Club?

Now that we are getting very close to 2018 open enrollment, more and more North Carolina residents are trying to determine if they should get a healthcare plan that includes dental or a membership club. In the last several years, more and more Raleigh dental offices have come up with a membership plan to help patients save money. Our practice was one of the first to do this and our patients absolutely love it. Our membership plan includes:

  •  2 cleanings/year*
  •  1-2 exams/year
  •  Xrays as determined necessary
  •  1 emergency exam with xray/year
  •  10% off any needed treatment

If you have any concerns that your dental coverage through your healthcare insurance company does not provide these services, it is best to call. Unfortunately, you may end up sitting on hold for quite awhile as open enrollment is a very business time for these types of businesses. Keep this in mind as these will be the experiences you have for a full year once you decide on your healthcare insurance. While it may seem easy to hop on Healthcare.gov and pick a plan, it may end up being a headache in the long run.
Our suggestion is to choose a membership club that will provide you with the dental services you will likely need. If you have any questions about these services, do not hesitate to call us. We would love to help you understand how our membership service is one of the best in not only North Carolina, but the entire state. If you are seeking one of the best Raleigh dentists, give us a call today.

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