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What Are the Best Sweets for Teeth?

It’s a known fact that sugar isn’t good for your teeth as it can lead to tooth decay and cavities. The good news, however, is that there are some sweets that are better for your teeth than others. Of course, these are only “better” if you eat them in moderation. Overindulging in them can wreak havoc on your teeth, gums, and mouth. If you have a sweet tooth, let these sweets satisfy your cravings.


Out of all the candy out there, chocolate is the best for teeth. Here’s why: It doesn’t stick around your mouth and washes away easily. Ideally, you’d go for dark chocolate because it has less sugar than milk chocolate and white chocolate. There are also studies that show dark chocolate may strengthen your teeth enamel and fight plaque. The next time you’re at a special event or simply in the mood for something sweet, reach for the dark chocolate.

Sugar Free Desserts

Sugar and teeth are not a good combination. In fact, sugar is one of the worst substances for your teeth. Therefore it’s a good idea to stick to sugar-free desserts as much as possible. If you search for “sugar-free desserts” online, you’re bound to find countless delicious ideas. You can make sugar-free flourless cookies, chocolate cake, blondies, cheesecake…the list goes on. As long as you follow the recipes, you’ll enjoy healthier alternatives to some of your favorite sugary treats. The Lake Norman dentists at Davison and Burr suggest trying more sugar free desserts to improve overall oral health.

Soft Desserts

Soft desserts like cookies, for example, are also a good option. As long as they aren’t too sticky, you’ll find them easier to clean with your toothbrush. Every time you do make or eat a soft dessert, keep an eye on the sugar content. Remember, too much sugar is never good for your teeth and gums.

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