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Drool While Sleeping – Waking Up to Drool on Your Pillow

Drool While Sleeping – Waking Up to Drool on Your Pillow

If you undergo a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, or any type of oral surgery, you may wake up one day and notice drool on your pillow. To understand why this may occur, let’s take a closer look at the function of saliva. Saliva is intended to remove waste, act as a barrier and buffering agent, and heal wounds. It is essential for a clean mouth and can assist with the healing process of a cavity.

When a dentist performs a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, or any other type of oral surgery, your body reacts to the trauma as a wound that requires healing. The saliva steps in and heals and disinfects your mouth. It removes unwanted agents such as bacteria, unnecessary cells, and blood vessels out of your mouth. For this reason, drooling may arise.

If you’re drooling is excessive and you would like to keep it under control, we encourage you to follow these tips:

  • Use gauze pads
  • Refrain from drinking out of a straw
  • Use a warm compress outside of your cheek
  • Swallow the saliva instead of spitting it out
  • Adhere to your dentist’s specific instructions

Understand that drooling after any type of oral surgery is a common symptom that many patients experience. In the event your drooling persists for a significant amount of time after you’ve recovered from your surgery, it is in your best interest to contact a doctor or dentist.

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