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Drooling During Sleep as an Adult – What To Do

When you think of drooling, you likely picture a baby. Babies drool because they don’t have complete control over their mouths or the muscles that allow them to swallow. It’s not uncommon for adults to also drool while they sleep.

If you’re an adult who drools every once in a while or on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Drooling during sleep is widely seen because when we sleep, we swallow less frequently, causing saliva to accumulate and seep from the sides of our mouth.

Drooling Treatments

So how do you treat drooling as an adult? First and foremost, see a dentist or doctor to determine the root cause. They will ask you questions about your health, potential allergies, and lifestyle habits to help uncover it.

You may drool often during sleep because of your sleeping position or sleep surface. Inflamed sinuses, medication side effects, neurological conditions, and the overproduction of saliva may all lead to frequent drooling too.

Once your healthcare professional uncovers the root cause of your drooling, they may suggest a number of treatment options. They may tell you to try a different sleep position, mattress, or pillow. An elevated or wedge pillow and foam mattress may do the trick.

Another option is to change your medication or dosage. An oral appliance or speech therapy sessions may help as well. In addition you may benefit from facial injections like Botox. Fortunately, drooling is rarely the sign of a life threatening condition so surgery is rarely recommended. As long as you seek the advice of a dentist or doctor, you’re likely to treat your drooling through conservative measures.

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