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Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Raleigh, NC

Dental emergencies are considered injuries and traumas as well as facial swelling that is caused by a dental instance. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency in Raleigh or Louisburg Rd., you should reach out to Wells Family Dentistry as soon as possible by calling (919) 266-5332.
Even if you call during after hours, you will be connected to a dentist who will advise you on how to handle your child’s issue. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common pediatric dental emergencies that occur.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

If your child has a chipped or fractured tooth, they should rinse with warm water so that any debris can be removed. In addition, they should avoid hot or cold foods and liquids. Place your child’s tooth in milk if possible and call our office right away.

Knocked Out Teeth

If your child has a knocked out baby tooth, do not place it back into its socket because it may damage a growing permanent tooth. If their tooth is permanent, you should hold it by the crown, place it into its socket, and have your child hold it in place. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, keep it in milk and visit our office.

Broken Teeth

In the event your child experiences a broken tooth, tell them to use warm water to rinse dirt away from the injured area. Also, place a cold compress over their face in the area of injury to reduce swelling and call us immediately.


If your child is complaining that their tooth hurts, it is important to contact us for emergency dental services. You can give your child some over-the-counter pain medication to see if alleviates some of their pain before they make it to our office. In addition, encourage your child to rinse their mouth vigorously with warm salt water to try to dislodge any debris.
At Wells Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to treating pediatric dental emergencies. However, some issues require more intensive treatment that we are unable to provide. Visit the emergency room if your child experiences uncontrollable oral bleeding, severe swelling around the gums and face, or a sudden, painful injury to the teeth, jaw, head, or face.
We have extended hours that allow our patients to schedule an appointment before work, after work and during Saturdays. We know emergencies are never planned, but recognize your busy schedule. If you are struggling to get an appointment during non business hours, contact our dental office today.

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