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How Long After a Dental Implant Can I Drink Alcohol?

If you have plans to get dental implants or have recently undergone dental implant surgery, you should know that drinking alcohol following the procedure is not recommended. If you do drink immediately after getting a dental implant placed, you may experience:
Increased Pain
If you’d like to reduce the pain you experience after dental implant surgery, you should stay away from beer, liquor, wine, and other types of alcohol. These beverages may dilate the blood vessels surrounding your mouth and cause your gums and the other areas near your implants to become more sensitive and painful.
Prolonged Healing
To ensure your wound heals as soon as possible, refrain from drinking alcohol. The combination of alcohol with a newly formed blood clot can reduce the body’s ability to generate vital proteins that assist with healing.
Adverse Drug Interactions
You may believe that alcohol and painkillers are a good mix. The truth is that these drugs often lead to harmful interactions and should never be paired together.
Obstructed Nutrient Utilization
The days before and after you receive dental implant surgery are very important. During these time periods, your body can absorb nutrients. Since drinking alcohol can obstruct your body’s utilization of nutrients and slow healing, you should opt for water and non-alcoholic beverages instead.
If possible, try to avoid drinking alcohol for at least the first week after your dental implants have been placed. If you have any further questions regarding alcohol consumption and dental implant surgery, call Wells Family Dental Group today at 919.266.5332.

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