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How to Maintain Oral Health During Your College Years

College is a time where you really begin to live on your own, and to find yourself. You no longer have your parents telling you to brush your teeth everyday, so it can be tricky to remember to maintain oral hygiene on your own. It is very simple to keep a clean and healthy mouth, but there are some tricks that can aid in maintaining oral hygiene.
Many people may not know the important role that your diet plays in maintaining a healthy mouth. Of course you would know your diet effects your weight and health, but it effects your oral hygiene as well. Drinking tea and coffee too much can stain your teeth and leave you having bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day, in the mornings and right before bed can help with this, but a yearly checkup or a 6 month checkup is the best solution.
Constantly snacking on sweets and treats can also effect your oral hygiene. Having a diet that is very high I sugar can lead to oral bacteria which can cause issues with your teeth. Drinking acidic beverages such as sodas, sports or energy drinks, and juices can also effect your oral hygiene. These beverages can erode the tooth enamel, leaving the teeth more susceptible to bacteria and other problems.
Smoking is another habit that can cause many issues with your oral health. Tobacco use inhibits the mouth’s natural healing and causes a greater risk for dental disease, gum recession, and cancer. Avoiding or limiting the amount of tobacco use, the amount of sweets and sugary drinks consumed, and a daily brushing is what will best help you maintain oral health during your college years, along with the yearly checkups with your local dentist.

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