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Are you in need of urgent dental care because of a dental emergency? The skilled dentists at Wells Family Dental Group in North Raleigh, NC can handle all dental emergencies- even as soon as the same day! Dental emergencies may include toothaches, swollen, sore and bleeding gums, knocked out teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth, lost filling or crown, tooth infections, and more. If you are experiencing any of these dental emergencies, contact us at 919-872-7263 to see a trained emergency dentist as soon as possible. 


What kind of dental emergency do you have?

Did you wake up to a painful toothache? Do you have a tooth that has been knocked out or broken in half? Don’t wait and hope it gets better, the pain is a sign that something is going on that an emergency dentist can help assess. Contact our dental office and prevent further damage to your teeth. Wells Family Dental Group is ready to help with any emergency dental need from toothaches to emergency root canal treatments to emergency extractions of teeth. Whatever your urgent dental care need is, we’ll take care of it – fast. 


Types of dental emergencies needing urgent dental care


Tooth Infections
A tooth infection is an inflammation of the tooth, most often caused by decay or any other irritation to the teeth. There are many different types of tooth infections. The most common type of tooth infection is a gum disease called periodontitis. It’s important that an emergency dentist treats all tooth infections as soon as possible because untreated tooth infections can be very dangerous and painful.

Emergency Root Canal
A root canal is a dental procedure that’s done in cases where the nerve of the tooth has been damaged. An emergency dentist may recommend this procedure for a tooth that has been damaged by decay, infected, or one that has been traumatized by an accident. 

Broken, knocked out or cracked tooth
A broken, knocked out or cracked tooth is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. It is caused by an injury to the tooth, most often from biting down on an object or being hit in the mouth. When you bite down, your teeth are under pressure and if the pressure is too much for the tooth to handle, the enamel will start to crack. The cracks can lead to infected gums which then lead to a risk of cavities and other oral health issues. Depending on the extent of your tooth damage, our emergency dentists can provide a permanent or temporary solution and get you out of tooth pain.

There are several possible causes of toothache. The most common is an infection in the gums or root of the tooth, and the pain can be quite severe. Toothaches can also be caused by cracked or loose teeth, a dry mouth, trauma to the jaw, variations in blood pressure and more. The pain of a toothache is often caused by the process of an abscess (a fluid-filled pocket) forming somewhere in the gum or bone where a tooth touches. Generally, an abscess is caused by a bacterial infection, which has been known to be contracted from many different sources. In such cases, antibiotics, given by an emergency dentist, can work to treat and cure.

Lost Crown or Filling
Crowns and fillings are placed to restore and protect your teeth. If your crown and filling were to fall out, you need to seek urgent dental care right away to avoid further damage to your tooth.

Urgent Dental Care In North Raleigh, NC

You may experience other issues that warrant urgent dental care. Bottom line, if you are in pain anywhere in your mouth or suspect you may have a problem with your teeth or gums, contact an emergency dentist at Wells Family Dental Group at  919-872-7263. A visit with an emergency dentist in North Raleigh, NC can help identify your issues and give you the peace of mind you will be taken care of! Wells Family Dental Group is conveniently located at 13271 Strickland Rd Suite 110 Raleigh, NC 27613 to service all your urgent dental care needs.

Need an Emergency Dental Visit?

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