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Raleigh Broken Tooth or "Tooth Hurts" Emergency Dentist

Imagine: A child falls off his bike and accidentally chips her tooth, or a little girl is playing baseball and gets knocked in the tooth with the ball. A chipped tooth or a tooth getting knocked out is never an ideal circumstance. But, as a parent, circumstances are not always ideal. Whatever the case may be, the question you ask yourself remains: What do you do?
Teeth are created to be incredibly strong. They are able to chomp on vegetables, tear pieces of meet apart, and even bite down on candy! But, even so, they can still chip, fracture, break, and get damaged. This can happen by:

  • Falling – Falling down causing direct trauma to the mouth can severely damage a tooth. It may even cause a tooth to break or get chipped exposing the pulp area of the tooth.
  • Getting hit – Adding to the trauma list, getting hit directly in the mouth can knock a tooth out or fracture it.
  • Biting down on something hard – Some harder candies or food can also cause damage to the tooth. If it’s too hard, it may chip or fracture the tooth.
  • Having cavities – Dental caries, or cavities are the number one source for tooth decay. If left untreated, cavities can cause extreme damage to the tooth that needs to be examined immediately.

Should your tooth undergo any trauma, a dentist will need to assess the damage and decide the best possible treatment plan to move forward. It is very important that a professional examines the area to determine if there has been any nerve damage from the trauma. If so, it may be necessary to extract the tooth to prevent further infection. In minor cases, some cracks may be small enough to be repaired with filling material.
When your tooth encounters trauma, you may experience pain/discomfort. If such is the case, we recommend contacting Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh, North Carolina right away. If your tooth has chipped, cracked, or has been knocked out, our team will inspect the area and provide the best treatment for your circumstance. We are happy to offer emergency services and make you a top priority.

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