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Raleigh Dentist That Accepts Delta Dental Insurance

Raleigh Dentist That Accepts Delta Dental Insurance

It can be expensive to pay for dental services out-of-pocket. That’s why, enrolling in a reputable dental insurance plan is a wise financial decision. You’ll be able to save big on out-of-pocket expenses and receive the dental services you need without worrying about your bank account.

Here at Wells Family Dental Group, we are pleased to accept a wide array of dental insurance plans, including those from Delta Dental insurance. If you are a Delta Dental insurance policyholder, simply let us know and we’ll file a claim on your behalf. We encourage you to ask our knowledgeable finance professionals questions about your claim or coverage.

About Delta Dental Insurance

For over 60 years, Delta Dental has provided patients of all ages with quality, value-based dental benefits. Their list of satisfied clients ranges from large corporations and public agencies to everyday individuals and families. Patients who enroll in Delta Dental Insurance, can reap the following benefits:

Less Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Dentists who accept coverage from Delta Dental agree to the insurer’s determination of fees, allowing policyholders to pay less out-of-pocket expenses.

A Vast Array of Dentists

Since Delta Dental contracts with dentists at more than half a million locations across the country, dental visits couldn’t be more convenient for policyholders.

Easy Process

Delta Dental insurance plans are a breeze to use because policyholders don’t need an ID card or need to worry about filling out any claim forms. Delta Dental dentists take care of all of that.

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For more information on Delta Dental Insurance and the quality services available at our Raleigh area dental office, contact us today at 919.266.5332.

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