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Same Day Dental Exam in Raleigh, NC

It is hard to find a dentist that will offer treatment to you in the same day that you call. Many dentists require you to call and make an appointment, and usually they do not have openings in their schedule for at least a few days. After the initial visit, there is usually a cleaning and some x-rays that are taken, but no procedures can be done the first time.
There is a need to make another appointment, usually in a week or two, to come back and get another checkup. After this appointment, you may be told there is a tooth that needs to be extracted, filled, or needs a crown. This would require yet another visit to their office. There are not many offices that offer same day exams, but a Raleigh family practice that does offer same day dental exams is the Wells Family Dentistry.
Not only do they do same day dental exams, they offer same day tooth extractions as well! The technology that is now available offers Wells Family Dentistry the opportunities to treat patients and preform procedures that can still sometimes take up to two or three weeks to finish.
Tooth extractions are usually very simple and pain free, and with their flexible hours and helpful staff, many patients leave very happy. They are very willing to work with their patients and take phone calls and make appointments much more frequently than other dental offices. Not many offices can say what Wells Family Dentistry does, which is, “If you are in pain, we will see you today!”

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