Fluoride Treatment

The most effective agent available to help prevent tooth decay.

Tested and Proven

The benefits of fluoride have been well known for over 50 years and are supported by many health and professional organizations.

Fluoride, a mineral naturally found in almost all food and water supplies, is currently the most effective means available to prevent tooth decay. Health professionals and organizations have been using and endorsing fluoride for over 50 years.

Topical Fluoride

Strengthens the teeth that have erupted on the surface of the gums by seeping into the outer surface of tooth enamel, making all teeth immediately more resistant to decay
Available in daily dental routine through toothpaste, gels, and mouth rinses
Recommended biannual professional application for children, whose teeth are in the early stages of development, to guarantee proper health and development.

Systematic Fluoride

  • Works on both erupted as well as developing teeth developing under the gums
  • Available in most foods, the community water supply, and as a prescription supplement in drop or gel form
  • Recommended for infants to teenagers.
  • Too much ingested during teeth development can lead to fluorosis (white spots on the teeth)

Do not depend on fluoride alone to prevent tooth decay! Use other preventative measures to keep your smile at its best, including brushing teeth at least twice a day, flossing regularly, eating balanced meals, reducing the amount of sugary snacks you eat, and visiting our office for cleanings on a regular basis.

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