What is a Dental Sealant?

Sealant application takes a few minutes per tooth. The process involves carefully painting the sealant material over a special bonding solution between the sealant and the tooth enamel.

A sealant protects molars, premolar, or any deep grooves (called pits fissures) of the teeth by covering them with a thin, plastic coating. Over three-fourths of dental decay starts in these deep grooves because they are highly susceptible to decay and extremely hard to clean. The sealant makes the surface smooth so that these areas are easily cleaned.Sealants can prevent teeth decay for many years, but patients should regularly visit the dentist to check for sealant wear and chipping.

Why would someone need sealants?

  • Children and Teenagers – provides protection from the onset of six-year molars (the first permanent back teeth) through 16 years of age, when the likeliness of cavities decreases
  • Adults – used on tooth surfaces with no current decay but that have deep grooves or depressions
  • Babies – occasionally used if teeth have deep grooves or depressions and the baby is prone to cavities

In order to ensure that the sealants function properly, each patient must use proper home dental care, eat a balanced diet, and visit our offices regularly.

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