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How to Stop Saliva After a Dental Crown

How to Stop Saliva After a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a “cap” that is designed to go over your tooth. In most cases, dental crowns are placed to restore the shape and size of a tooth, make it stronger, or enhances its function. A successful crown procedure involves cementing a crown into place and perfectly encasing the tooth to ensure complete protection.

There are a number of situations that may warrant a dental crown. A dentist may recommend a crown to you if you have large cavities that can’t be filled, you have missing teeth and need a bridge, you’re in need of coverage for dental implants, you have cracked, worn down, or weak teeth, or you need a restoration after a root canal. Another reason you may need a dental crown is to improve the appearance of discolored or poorly shaped teeth.

At Wells Family Dental Group, we are pleased to offer CEREC same day crowns. With this procedure, you can receive the crowns you need in one 90 minute session. We use a CAD technology to shape and create your crown during a single visit. Best of all, CEREC same day crowns are made out of tooth-colored ceramic material and are aesthetically pleasing. After you’re done with the treatment, you can return to work and your daily routine.

You may notice that you have more saliva than usual after receiving your crown. No need to worry as this is completely normal. Our dentists will provide you with some tips on how to stop an excessive amount of saliva. They may tell you to use gauze pads and drink plenty of water.

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