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Why Are My Teeth Dark In Between? Is This a Cavity?

Why Are My Teeth Dark In Between? Is This a Cavity?

Fortunately, not all dark teeth are signs of cavities. However, if you notice a dark tooth, you should keep an eye on it. Although it may not warrant the immediate attention of a dentist, if it worsens or does not fade, dental treatment may be necessary down the road. Here are several of the most common causes of dark teeth:

Food and Drink

The majority of dark teeth occur because of your particular diet. Foods and drinks that contain the following ingredients are likely to darken your teeth:

Chromogens: These are an element in strong pigments and usually hold on to enamel.
Tannins: Known as a plant-based compound and astringent that is found in wine, tannin may stain teeth.
Acids: Any foods with acid soften teeth and create more obvious stains.

While you may believe that only dark colored foods can lead to dark teeth, know that this is not the case. There are many light colored foods that contain one of these ingredients and can also be problematic.

Dental Hygiene

We cannot stress the importance of good oral hygiene enough. If you do not brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and skip out on regular visits to the dentist, you are likely to experience a dark tooth because of tartar buildup that is caused by plaque or the bacteria in your mouth that creates a sticky substance.

When is a Cavity Present?

There are several signs that may indicate that your dark tooth is in fact a cavity. If your tooth hurts and feels sensitive or it painful to bite down, we encourage you to visit our office right away.

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your teeth and let you know whether a cavity is present. Remember that ignoring tooth pain and sensitivity can lead to serious problems down the road, making it crucial for you to get your tooth checked out right away. You do not want to have to get dental implants later in life because of cavities at a younger age.

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