Teeth in a Day Implants in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Teeth in a Day Implants in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Are you in search of the ideal way to resolve broken or missing teeth? Teeth in a Day, which are implant supported dentures, at our Wake Forest dental office might be the solution you’ve been longing for. It can allow you to achieve teeth that function just like real teeth and be placed the same day you get dental implants.

Teeth in a Day offers a plethora of benefits that you are sure to appreciate. First and foremost, this dental treatment makes it easy to chew just about any type of food. Steak, corn-on-the-cob or any other foods that may be difficult to chew when your teeth are broken or missing are a breeze to enjoy with these implant supported dentures.

Since your new teeth will be fixed securely onto implants, you don’t have to worry about them moving around in your mouth. Therefore, you won’t be left with the painful sores that often come with loose dentures.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Teeth in a Day is that this treatment helps prevent bone loss, unlike traditional dentures that do the opposite and actually expedite it. Since dental implants replace your natural tooth roots, they allow for the optimal amount of stimulation necessary for the jawbone to maintain volume.

In addition, Teeth in a Day can allow you to resume your daily activities right away. It’s truly the fastest way to resolve missing or broken tooth and ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle and can’t take a great deal of time off from work and your other responsibilities. You don’t have to wait several months and undergo multiple surgeries to achieve optimal oral health.

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