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Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Tooth Removal

At Wells Family Dental Group in Raleigh, NC, we offer comprehensive tooth extraction services, including the removal of wisdom teeth. Our experienced dental team is committed to providing safe, effective, and comfortable care to alleviate pain and prevent future oral health issues.

Understanding Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction involves the removal of teeth from the dental socket in the jawbone. While our goal is always to save natural teeth, extractions are necessary when a tooth is beyond repair due to decay, disease, injury or overcrowding. Common reasons for tooth extraction include severe tooth decay, advanced periodontal disease, tooth fracture, tooth infection, and dental trauma.

Wisdom Teeth(aka 3rd Molar) Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are often extracted due to impaction, where they do not have enough space to emerge or develop correctly. They may grow at an angle, remain trapped within the jawbone, or cause pain and infection. Removing wisdom teeth can prevent crowding, damage to adjacent teeth, and other complications.

The Extraction Process

Our extraction process starts with a detailed examination, including X-rays, to determine the best approach for removal. We provide local anesthesia and offer sedation options to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. For wisdom teeth or more complex cases, we might recommend IV sedation.


  • Preparation: Assessment and imaging to plan the extraction.
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and/or IV sedation to ensure a pain-free experience.
  • Extraction: Careful removal of the tooth, using precise techniques to minimize tissue damage and promote healing.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Instructions on how to care for the extraction site and manage recovery.

Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery time varies, but we provide detailed aftercare instructions to help manage pain, prevent infection, and promote healing. This includes advice on diet, oral hygiene, and activity levels post-extraction. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, with complete healing occurring over the following weeks.

Replacement Options for Extracted Teeth

In cases of wisdom teeth, or third molars, no replacement is needed.
However, if other teeth are extracted, it’s important to consider options to restore function and prevent issues like misalignment and bone loss. Our dentists offer several restorative solutions, including dental implants, bridges, and dentures, tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. We’ll consult with you on the best course of action for your particular situation

Why Choose Wells Family Dental Group for Tooth Extraction?

  • Expertise: Our skilled dental professionals are experienced in performing both routine and complex extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.
  • Comfort: We prioritize patient comfort and use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure a painless and stress-free experience.
  • Comprehensive Care: From initial consultation to post-extraction recovery, we provide complete dental care tailored to your needs.
  • Patient Education: We believe in informed decisions and provide detailed explanations of all treatment options and procedures.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are experiencing dental pain or have been advised to consider tooth extraction, contact Wells Family Dental Group in Raleigh today. Our friendly team is ready to assist you through the process, from evaluation to recovery, ensuring your dental health and comfort every step of the way.

Visit us for a consultation and take the first step towards resolving dental discomfort and enhancing your oral health. Let Wells Family Dental Group be your partner in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

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