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TMJ Doctor or Dentist Near Me in Raleigh, NC

If you’re searching for a TMJ dentist in Raleigh, Wells Family Dentistry will exceed your every expectation. We understand how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to suffer from the jaw pain and constant headaches that TMJ often brings.
Therefore, we are committed to providing each and every TMJ patient with a treatment plan that will relieve them of pain and allow them to live a higher quality life. Let’s dive deeper into the true definition of TMJ and treatment options that may help your condition.
What is TMJ?
TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. This joint is located in front of your ear in the area where your skull and lower jaw meet. Every time you talk, chew, swallow, and yawn, your TMJ moves. When your TMJ isn’t working properly, you may experience symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, sore teeth, clicking, popping, grinding, and other jaw sounds, neck pain, upper back pain, or ringing in the ears. TMJ disorders may be caused by stress, head or neck trauma, arthritis, grinding of the teeth, arthritis, missing teeth, or a bad bite.
How is TMJ Treated?
If we confirm that you do have TMJ disorder, our dentists will likely recommend transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation or TENS. TENS is an electric massage that will relax your muscles and likely provide you with immediate relief. You may find that periodic TENS treatments will be enough to control your symptoms.
In the event that TENS treatments do not help, you may require an oral splint which is comparable to a sports mouthpiece or an appliance for sleep apnea. You’ll be directed to put it in your mouth before you go to bed so that it holds your jaw in a more comfortable position. An oral splint may give your muscles enough rest to wipe out your symptoms.
If your symptoms continue, we may use dental crowns to reconstruct your bite so that your teeth become capable of holding your jaw in a relaxed position during all hours of the day. Since treatments vary from patient to patient, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with us to find out which option is right for your particular case.
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Our dentists have years of experience helping TMJ patients find the relief they deserve. If this condition has negatively impacted your life, you owe it to yourself to call Wells Family Dentistry at (919) 266-5332.

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