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Tooth Extractions in Wake Forest, NC

When a tooth is badly damaged, has had trauma or decay, or there is too much crowding in the mouth, there may be a need for an extraction of the tooth. Usually the dentist will try to repair the damaged tooth with a filling or a crown, but if the tooth is too badly damaged, tooth extraction may be the only answer.
Children may sometimes need some of their teeth pulled if the baby tooth hasn’t fallen out, or if the dentist needs to create more room in the mouth to properly align all the teeth. Adults may lose some of their permanent teeth if the tooth is too far gone to save and keep in the mouth.
Tooth extraction is normally a very easy and safe procedure. A local anesthetic may be used, or if there are many teeth that need to be removed, then the patient may be sedated. Sedation dentistry may be used if the patient is having their wisdom teach removed. In some occasions, the tooth is not showing, so some tissue may have to be cut back to reveal the tooth. Extracting teeth leaves the possibility for bacteria to grow in and around the area, but you are given antibiotics to help rid the mouth of the harmful bacteria.
There are local Raleigh and Louisburg Rd. dentist offices that offer tooth extractions and are willing to help out with financial needs if necessary. Wells Family Dentistry is well equipped with technology and tries to help their patients as best as they can. They are proud to say that their tooth extraction procedures are “simple and pain free.” Not many patients would say that, but there are many testimonials on their site that can support their claim. Call in and make an appointment for same day tooth extractions or any emergency needs!

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