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What Do I Do if My Tooth Falls Out?

Your tooth has fallen out. Unless you’re a five year old child ready to place it under your pillow, having your teeth fall out can be a traumatic experience that will send you into an anxiety-induced panic, especially if you don’t have emergency back up plans. But please, don’t panic and have no fear! There are many different causes for tooth loss, and there’s plenty of options for different types of treatment. Treatment will depend on why your tooth has fallen out can be determined by your primary oral healthcare provider.
Thankfully, today many dentist offices have emergency dental services and can see you immediately in the midst of emergency situations. Dental offices such as ours, Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh, NC, offer emergency appointment services, so all you would need to do is call ahead and they’ll schedule you to see a dental professional the same day! Emergency services such as this are extremely convenient and crucial to for receiving the best dental care.
Many experience tooth loss due to physical activity or impact such as a sports-related cause, accidental falls, fighting, car accident, or biting hard on food and should be seen by an oral care professional right away. If this has happened to you or someone you know, it’s important that you examine the area and take simple at home precautions to minimize the pain and any possible infection.
If you haven’t experienced any physical trauma causing your tooth to fall out, it would be a good option to see your dentist to determine the cause. More than 75% of Americans over the age of 35 years old suffer from some type of gum disease. Gum diseases such as Periodontitis can cause you tooth decay, eventually leading to tooth loss. Diseases such as this may require further and more complex treatment. To prevent gum disease, it’s important to schedule annual dental appointments for regular cleaning and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits.
Should you find that your tooth has fallen out, your first step is to take care of yourself. Call you dentist so that he/she may determine the cause and best course of treatment. Then, you can determine the best way to replace the tooth that you lost to prevent further issues such as: shifting teeth, gum pain, or a higher risk of contracting gum disease. Moreover, you’ll want that tooth to help with everyday activities such as chewing and smiling too! So if you find yourself in the unfortunate predicate of losing a tooth, don’t wait around for the tooth fairy! Call your dentist and get treatment right away! When looking for a Raleigh Emergency Dentist, call Wells Family Dentistry now.

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