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What Do I Do if My Tooth is Knocked Out of Place?

Having your tooth knocked out isn’t the most uncommon thing in the world. In fact, more than five million teeth are knocked out each year in children and adults! Thankfully, with the advancement of the dental and oral health community, emergency services have been created to help treat this dilemma so that you can still have that happy, healthy smile.
The first step to take should you find yourself with a tooth knocked out is to take care of yourself. Make sure you are in a safe place and check the damage. You’ll may experience some pain or discomfort, so the best option would be to ice the area outside the cheek. If the obstruction has cause bleeding, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water to clean the area where the tooth once was.
The second step is to locate the tooth. In order to save your original tooth, immediate care will be needed once the tooth is outside the mouth. Pick the tooth up by the crown, or the end of the tooth that you chew with, to prevent injury to the root. The root of the tooth is important with the replacement procedure. If you can reposition the tooth in the gap it was once in, place the tooth in and push down. You may need to hold it in place by biting down. Replacing the tooth in your mouth immediately following the accident allows for a better chance of survival, thus letting you keep your tooth!
If you’re unable to replace the tooth in your mouth, make sure you keep the tooth moist at all times. To store outside the original area of the tooth, you can save it in: an emergency tooth preservation kit, milk, or directly in the mouth within the cheek to cheek area. It’s not recommended to save in tap water for long term storage.
The third step is to contact your dentist immediately. The recommended time frame to see your dentist after your tooth has been knocked out is within thirty minutes, but the sooner, the better. Many dentist offices, such as our Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh, NC, offer emergency dental services. You’ll just need to call ahead and they’ll have in to see a dentist right away!
Following these self-care tips prior to seeing your local dentist can help save your tooth and prevent any further damage to your mouth! It’s not uncommon to have a tooth knocked out, so knowing how to take care of yourself and what next steps to take is crucial to keep that happy, healthy smile.

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