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Best Raleigh Dentists for Students Returning from UNCW on Breaks

Finding a good and reliable dentist can be difficult, especially in North Carolina where you see a dentist around every corner. There are plenty of options, but which of them are the best for a student that goes to UNCW but lives in Raleigh?
Finding a dentist with a flexible schedule is very hard to do, and it is crucial for college students. Their schedules change last minute all the time, and they need a dentist who is willing to see them last minute or at their earliest convenience. Many dentists are not the most flexible, and do not try and work with their patient’s schedule. Wells Family Dental Group is a local family dentists office in Raleigh that is willing to work with your schedule, and find the best time to see you.
Wells Family Dental Group is determined to help their patients as best they can, and to accommodate all of their needs. It is easy for adults to find a dentist that bests fit them, but for college students it can be hard. The Wells Family Dental works hard to maintain a flexible schedule and payment plans.
Wells accepts most dental insurance policies, and they offer same day dental emergency appointments. They are dedicated to gentle high quality dental care and strive for long-term dental health, as well as helping to educate their patients in the best ways to care for their teeth and dental hygiene. They are open from about 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every week day, and open every other Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. They offer last minute emergency appointments and are compete with the tools and training needed to give you the best treatment possible

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