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Raleigh Emergency Dentist with Night and Weekend Hours


Raleigh Emergency Dentist with Night and Weekend Hours

If you are in an emergency situation please call (919) 266-5332 immediately. If you are feeling oral pain/infections, have a broken tooth or crown or have denture issues in which you are unable to eat, contact us immediately. In the spring 2021 we want you to feel comfortable knowing that during any type of dental emergency, we have you covered. We will do our best to address any concerns or issues in one dental visit rather than you having to go to the dentist multiple times during these difficult times.

We have a team of Raleigh emergency dentists that can address any concern. Our team of dental professionals can assist you in three parts of the Raleigh area – Downtown Raleigh, Louisburg Rd. and North Raleigh. This will greatly alleviate any unsettling situation you may find yourself or one of your loved ones in.

Being professionals in the dental field, we know that sometimes certain situations can happen when we least expect them to and these include dental emergencies like toothaches, swollen cheeks, infection, etc. Regardless of the situation, it is important to know who can help!

For affordable, high quality dental care in a comfortable environment, look no further than Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh. When you choose us to care for your family’s oral health, you can expect cutting-edge technology and the individualized attention you deserve.

Dr. Brett Wells and his team are pleased to offer a wide variety of services so that you don’t have to travel around to different specialists. This alone can save you so much time throughout your busy day! From cleanings, CEREC same day crowns and preventative care to cosmetic dentistry and sedation, we cover it all.

Emergency Care

If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, please call Wells Family Dental Group as soon as possible. We will do whatever we can to provide you with the emergency care you need as dental emergencies can become very serious if they are not treated immediately.

Some of the most common dental emergencies we treat include broken teeth, cracked teeth, broken jaws, and severe toothaches. Since we offer same day emergency appointments, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have access to quick care in the event that a dental emergency does arise. If you happen to have a tooth knocked out of place and you need a quick fix, do not hesitate to contact Wells Family Dental Group as soon as possible. You will not want to let this issue escalate by not addressing it for several hours or several days as this can only adversely affect your mouth.

Whether you are seeking immediate care for an emergency root canal, need a tooth pulled because the root is exposed or simply need the peace of mind to stop worrying about a chipped town, Wells Family Dental Group has a team of dental professionals that can calm your nerves. It is very challenging to perform at a high level in your current occupation when your every thought is on the health of your teeth. As a dental group that has assisted thousands in dental emergencies, allow us to ease your mental and physical pain.

Our friend Brian Levitin, a renowned Lakewood, Colorado emergency dentist likes to say, “emergencies happen but prevention is the way to keep your teeth healthy.” We are here for you during an emergency, but remember to get those bi-yearly dental checkups to make certain you are free of cavities, loose crowns or exposed roots.

Convenient Office Hours

In 2021, Wells Family Dentistry would proudly like to inform you that we are keeping our convenient hours available to best assist our patient’s needs. We understand that juggling a 9 am until 5 pm job can be difficult when also trying to balance the kids in school and extracurricular activities. For these reasons, Wells Family Dental Group recognizes how challenging it may be for some families to visit the dentist during these times. Therefore, our office is conveniently open on some nights and weekends to best suit your family’s needs.

From our office to the convenience of your family, we are happy to offer extended hours on the following days:

  • Tuesday: 8:00 am-7:00 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am-7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am- 2:00 pm (every other)

To schedule your extended hours appointment, please contact us as soon as possible!

You can read this article in Spanish here – Dentista de emergencia de Raleigh con horario nocturno y de fin de semana

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

What constitutes a dental emergency?
While pain and discomfort are common during dental emergency, they don’t always indicate a dental emergency. Extreme pain and bleeding as well as loose, broken, or missing teeth are the most common signs of dental emergencies. Pain stemming from direct trauma may also be a dental emergency. Our friend, and Harrisburg emergency dentist, Dr. Brian McNeely has stated that more dental emergencies happen when children are home from school. This should come as no surprise as siblings love to horse around when parents cannot supervise at all times.

How long do toothaches last?
The cause of the pain will typically dictate how long a toothache lasts. However, if you experience symptoms for more than 24 hours, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

What should I do if I think I have a dental emergency?
If you believe you have a dental emergency, reach out to your dentist right away and schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Remember that the sooner you can see your dentist, the greater their chances of resolving the problem or saving your tooth.

How can I avoid dental emergencies?
While you can’t avoid all dental emergencies, you can reduce the risk of some of them by practicing good oral hygiene like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every night before you go to bed. You can also wear a mouth guard if you play football and other contact sports.

What should I include in a dental emergency kit?
The ideal way to prepare for a dental emergency is to create your own dental emergency kit. Your kit can include items such as floss, a small flashlight, wax, cotton balls, and a saline solution. Be sure to keep it in an easily accessible place.

Is there anything I can do to find relief from pain and swelling?
Pain and swelling are two common side effects of dental emergencies. If you experience them, we recommend taking some anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen. We discourage aspirin as it can thin your blood and worsen the issue.

Can I prevent a dental emergency?
The best way to prevent a dental emergency is to practice prevention! This means keeping up with routine dental appointments, brushing and flossing regularly and notifying the dentist of a problem once it arises. Often times, emergencies happen because people like to avoid the dentist or wait until something “hurts” until they choose to fix them and unfortunately, this can be when it is just too late! Start maintaining a healthy smile early on so that you can avoid any dental emergencies in the future.

After Hours Dentist near Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill

Finding an after hours dentist local to you can be quite difficult. Many dental offices are closed on Friday and some even close early during the average weekday. It is not unheard of for a dentist’s office to close at 2:00 or 3:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while being closed on Friday. We know that dental emergencies happen at all times. For this reason, we have weekend hours on Saturdays (every other) from 8:00 am- 2:00 pm and after work hours appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday until 7:00 pm.

If you have a dental emergency and need assistance, please contact us today as soon as possible. We are close enough to Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill that we can get you in our office and assist with your pain. There is no reason to go through severe amounts of pain before a dental office opens on the next morning. The sooner you can see us, the better as symptoms can only worsen as time goes on!

We also work hard to be available to you after work or during non business hours. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment that works for you. With locations in downtown Raleigh, north Raleigh and near Louisburg Rd., we have an office close to you.

Schedule an Appointment at Wells Family Dental Group Today

Wells Family Dental Group offers a convenient and enjoyable dental experience for all of our patients. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or would like to request an appointment, please give us a call at (919) 266-5332. We look forward to helping you and your family achieve healthy, bright smiles. Please know that we are always willing to discuss further emergency options if you are in severe pain.

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