Patients with Bleeding Disorders Should Not Avoid Dental Treatment

Patients with Bleeding Disorders Should Not Avoid Dental Treatment

Have concerns about complications with your Von Willebrand disease, Hemophilia, or other bleeding disorder discouraged you from seeking dental treatment in the past?

Wells Family Dental Group understands that for many patients visiting the dentist’s office and, even more so, undergoing a dental procedure can be a stressful or even frightful proposition.  This apprehension may be felt to an even greater extent by patients who suffer from Von Willebrand disease, Hemophilia, or any number of bleeding disorders. People who have lived with these diseases know that they need to take care with even seemingly benign activities like flossing because a slight slip can result in annoying gum bleeds that persist for hours.  

A patient with a bleeding disorder may feel that it is in their best interest to avoid dental procedures of any kind unless they are absolutely necessary. However, very often this is not the case.  In fact, a study has shown the patients with hemophilia, due to fear of bleeding from a dental procedure, tend to delay treatment and, therefore, require more complex and invasive treatment when they ultimately present to the dentist.  A minor dental issue that today could be solved with a procedure that has a very manageable level of risk in terms of bleeding may develop tomorrow into a more serious problem that requires a more invasive procedure with a greater risk of complications.

All dentists are educated about bleeding disorders in general in Dental School.  Therefore, every dentist at Wells Family Dentist group is familiar with the challenges and approaches to treatment that are associated with treating a patient with a bleeding disorder.  That being said, a hematologist is a true expert in the field and is essential to developing a treatment plan for any patient with a bleeding disorder who plans to undergo a dental procedure.  As bleeding disorders are present since birth, most patients with bleeding disorders have been under the care their hematologist for many years. This means that the hematologist is very familiar with the specifics of each patient’s condition and, therefore, able to not only develop a treatment plan that is ideal for the patient and the procedure, but also give the patient a great deal of confidence that every step is being taken to ensure that they are being cared for properly.  At Wells Family Dental Group, we will work with you and your hematologist every step of the way to address any concerns that you may have and to ensure that your procedure is a success.

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At Wells Family Dental group your health and safety are always our number one concern.  We will work with you and your hematologist to develop a treatment plan that utilizes every strategy available to minimize the risk and stress involved with the treatment of your dental issues.  If you have been avoiding dental treatment because of bleeding concerns or simply because life is busy and you just haven’t gotten around to it yet, wait no longer, call Wells Family Dental Group today to set up an initial consultation!

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