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Family Dentist in Raleigh, NC

If you are looking for a Raleigh Family Dentist in 2019 call or text us now.

Wells Family Dental Group is pleased to provide families of all shapes and sizes with the high quality dental care they deserve. When you trust our highly trained and experienced dentists with your family’s oral health, you can expect a variety of services, cutting-edge technologies, and a welcoming environment.

Regardless of whether you’re a couple or have many children, our dentists can provide the education and treatments necessary for your family to achieve healthy gums and teeth and reduce the risk of oral complications down the road.

Our dentists perform routine dental exams and cleanings, oral cancer screenings, sedation, periodontal disease prevention and treatment, and a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants, composite fillings, CEREC one day crowns, crowns, veneers, Invisalign, and teeth whitening.

We are also here to assist any member of your family in the event of a dental emergency. Whether the issue is a severe toothache, knocked out tooth, or any other dental emergency, our dentists offers same day emergency appointments for your peace of mind.

Wells Family Dental Group accepts most PPO dental insurance policies and pledge to work with you to ensure you are maximizing the benefits you are paying for. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans, some of which include 0% interest and stretch over 60 months. We are also an authorized Compassionate Finance and Care Credit provider.

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Emergency Dentistry

Extreme tooth pain may require a same day emergency dental appointment. At our practice, we want you to know that we will try our best to preserve your natural teeth. A root canal may be suggested if a tooth is savable. However, some cases may involve emergency extractions but that isn’t always the case. Regardless, your comfort is important and we want you to know that our staff will ensure that you feel no pain during your emergency procedure. We will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease during your appointment.

Root Canal

At our office, we perform root canal treatments for our patients. Sometimes the pulp of a tooth is infected, which results in extreme tooth pain, sensitivity or tenderness to touch. During a root canal, the pulp of the tooth is removed to rid any bacteria. Typically, the procedure will involve more than one visit. During the first visit, the tooth will get properly cleaned out and during the second visit; a filling or crown will be performed to strengthen the tooth.


Today, traditional metal braces are not the only treatment for a straighter smile. Invisalign treatment offers the same benefits as traditional braces without the added metal! Invisalign is even great for patients of all ages considering adults or teens because the aligners are made of clear plastic. Invisalign technology has rapidly advanced to treat even more complex cases. You can be certain that you’ll feel confident in your Invisalign aligners.

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are important to ensure preventative care and routine maintenance for your teeth. During a cleaning, a dental hygienist will remove any plaque and tartar build up on the teeth. Generally, gritty toothpaste will be applied with a high power toothbrush ensuring that each tooth receives a deep clean. The dental hygienist will typically floss the teeth as well and provide information on how frequent and when to floss individually. A fluoride treatment may be applied for patients to help protect teeth against cavities.

CEREC Same Day Crowns

A crown may be needed when a cavity is too large for a filling to restore. Sometimes, receiving a crown can take multiple dental visits. However, our patients at Wells Family Dental won’t need to. In fact, multiple visits are no longer necessary with our CEREC Same Day Crowns! With the latest technology, we are able to make your crown in our office while your sitting in the dental chair. You’ll receive your beautifully crafted porcelain crown without the added inconvenience.

Halloween Fun and Savings

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Moving to Raleigh, NC

Every single year, tens of thousands of people consider moving to the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. As the second most educated city in America it comes as no surprise that many families want to move to the area to raise their children. Duke, UNC and NC State are just some of the higher education establishments in the Triangle. If you plan on moving to Raleigh, here are some resources from the Raleigh Chamber:

Before making the move, it is best to get all your ducks in a row. You will want to make certain you have the best medical care as well as a real estate agent that can help you find the home of your dreams. From a pest control service to a local fitness facility, you should be able to get an honest opinion from those that have left reviews online. Feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to suggest places to eat, entertainment venues, local markets and more. We have strong relationships with a number of orthodontists and oral surgeons so if you are in need or braces, Invisalign or dental implants, we will be more than happy to offer our professional advice.

What It is Like to Get Your Teeth Cleaned

For the record can you state that I don’t have a cavity?

You do have a cavity.

I don’t. You said it was a sealing follow up.

No, that’s selective hearing. That’s selective hearing.

But, I have perfect teeth.

No you don’t. You want to show the people what I see?

Okay. Yeah, I think everyone wants to see the inside of my mouth.

Okay, okay. Do you see that? Yeah, you see your gums? Like, red? They’re nice and red right under the orange stuck on your teeth.

So gross.

Okay, open. If there is any sensitivity-

Ew, I can feel it.

It feels like gritty.

It is. It’s calcified plaque.

Am I done yet?

The bottom. Not even the top.

Am I done?


Okay, now I’m done. [inaudible 00:01:35]

It’s pretty bad.



Why didn’t you say anything before?

Because I couldn’t see it. Because you wouldn’t come in.

I’m holding it.

Open, hold it. Good.

Is that the polish stuff?


Do I get to choose my flavor?

Nope. Dental cleaning montage.

Am I allowed to swallow this?

I’d rather not.


So, you’re going to spit.

I’m done?


Yeah, do my teeth look great?


Oh my god, your face just look like your teeth are horrible. Okay, so overall not horrible experience. I thought it’d be a lot worse, cause it’s like your boyfriend’s like cleaning your teeth and seeing all the bad things about you. But I must say it does feel really good. My teeth feel super, super slippery. Can you hear that? Squeaky clean.

Hi guys, so I hope you enjoyed that video of me getting my teeth cleaned. And weren’t too disgusted by it, because I know it was kinda gross.

It was.

I’m going to introduce you to my boyfriend. This is Alex. This is the dentist that just did my teeth. Well, I’m just gonna let you talk. What did you think of cleaning my teeth? Your girlfriend’s tooth. Am I the first? I’m the first.

Not the first girlfriend I’ve ever cleaned?

I’m not? Oh, that’s awkward.

You are. Overall, not doing a terrible job cleaning your teeth. I mean it’s been a year since you came to the dentist, so there’s a little more buildup than average. And, also, you don’t floss as frequently as you should, so there’s also more plaque. But, I know you’ll get better and I know you’re going to start flossing. Okay?

Yeah. Okay. Sorry, I just try to adjust this camera. Overall how was I as patient? Cause I know you guys didn’t see the beginning where I was like hiding in a corner and refusing to go into the chair.

I mean, I do have patients that brush better than you. And I do have patients that brush a little worse than you. So, if this was the in between, you’d be a little underneath it.

Okay, fine.

But see, if you’re there, then there’s more room for improvement. You know what I mean? You know, like start flossing, then…

It’s really weird getting critiqued on my teeth. I’ve never been critiqued on my teeth as much as right now, actually, my dentist is usually-

They feel nice though, right?

They do. They felt really squeaky clean, but I feel like usually dentists are just like yeah, you need to brush more, floss more, and we’ll see you in like 6 months. But, you’re going very in depth here and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Too in depth. Too in depth.

I know, but, anyways guys, I will leave all of his information down below, if you’re in the Palo Alto area and looking for an amazing dentist that’s nice and isn’t too critical, I guess. But, anyways thank you guys so much for watching our video and I’ll see you guys in my next. Bye.

See you guys.