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What do I do if I break a tooth when all dentist offices are closed?

Broken teeth are hardly planned events, and more often than not, they happen at the most inconvenient times! So, what can you do if you break a tooth and all the dentist offices are closed?! Remain calm!
The first step is to focus on you! Self-care is extremely important, and making sure you are okay is first and foremost. Rinsing your mouth out thoroughly with warm water will help flush out the area and minimize the risk of any unwanted bacteria and fluids. To keep the swelling and pain down, you can place a cold compress outside the mouth around the area of the fracture. Over-the-counter medication may also help with pain and discomfort. You will also want to save any fragments left-over from the cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth in a small paper towel or bag to bring to the dentist with you.
Many dentist offices offer emergency dental services and after-hours care for those experiencing dental emergencies. If you are unsure about our dentist office’s policies, be sure to inquire at your next available visit, or give us a call.
Conducting proper research and locating emergency dental offices in your area would be beneficial information to have, just in case! Websites such as Emergency Dentists are wonderful resources to utilize in that search of the “perfect backup plan”. Not every situation can be considered a “dental emergency”, but if you experience/are experiencing:

  • An Injury or accident to the gums, mouth or tongue
  • A collision or forcible contact with the jaw and it’s painful to move
  • A tooth has been knocked out or become loose
  • A severe toothache where the pain is unbearable
  • A broken, chipped, fractured tooth

So, if you or your loved ones are experiencing any of these dental emergencies, including a broken tooth, please seek medical attention right away. Contact our dentist office with after-hours care or emergency dental services. Accidents happen! No need to panic any longer!

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