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Can You Smoke 24 Hours After Tooth Extraction?

Can You Smoke 24 Hours After Tooth Extraction?

If you are a smoker and require a tooth extraction, you may be asking yourself how soon you can smoke after the procedure. Here at Wells Family Dental Group, we recommend smokers wait at least 48 hours after their tooth has been extracted as smoking immediately afterwards can double or even triple healing time.

By waiting at least 48 hours, you can reduce your risk of serious complications. One of these painful complications is a dry socket. It occurs when the blood clot at the extraction site fails to develop or dissolves before the wound has completely healed.

Some of the most common symptoms of dry socket include severe pain, pain that radiates from the socket to the ear, temple, or neck, bad breath, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. A dry socket can lead to infection and make your tooth extraction very uncomfortable.

If you do face a dry socket, treatment may involve cleaning and packing the area of concern. Antibiotics may be recommended as well. Be sure to contact our office if you believe you have a dry socket so we can suggest an appropriate treatment.

Although it is easier said than done, quitting smoking can reduce your risk of tooth extraction complications and other serious issues such as lung cancer. Fortunately, there are a variety of stop smoking program and tools that can help you ditch this bad habit for good.

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