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Chipped Tooth During Holidays but I’m From Out of Town. Can a Raleigh Dentist Help?

Chipped Tooth During Holidays but I’m From Out of Town. Can a Raleigh Dentist Help?

Accidents happen more than we’d like for them to and usually with the worst possible timing. For instance, while out of town, you chip a tooth while visiting with family for the holidays. Perhaps, your tooth chipped after biting into something hard or an object knocked into your tooth to cause trauma. Whichever the situation may be, it’s important you find someone that can help locally!

What You Can Do Initially

For help and further assistance, look for a dentist located in the Raleigh area immediately and schedule an appointment as soon as possible! Although, you may feel it is best to wait for the dentist at home to look at your tooth, depending on the damage to the tooth, it would be beneficial to have it looked at. The dentist will be able to evaluate the severity of the chip and decide the proper treatment that will be needed for that tooth.

If you are in any pain, ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter pain medication can help to lessen any discomfort. Please be sure to only take pain medication as directed on the labels.

Possible treatment may include:

Bonding, or a filling, which serves to repair small chipped teeth. Wherever the chip is located on the tooth, the dentist will apply certain composite materials to the tooth in order to rebuild it. The composite materials harden and are cured with a blue light, which hardens to make it feel like your real tooth structure. Once the bonding procedure is finished, your tooth will look as good as new!

Veneers if the crack in your tooth is slightly more severe. This kind of treatment works well on cracks that may cause cosmetic dissatisfaction. The way a veneer works is that it fits over the tooth but it’s thin and appears very natural.

A crown may be suggested if the chip is much too large in size that a filling or veneer could not treat. The natural tooth would be shaved down to a certain size so that the crown would fit nicely over the tooth.

If you are from out of town and are located in the Raleigh area, Wells Family Dental Group wants to help you! We understand that cracking a tooth is very unpleasant, which is why we want to give you the most positive experience as possible. Please contact our office today to schedule a same day emergency appointment with us.

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