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Dental Crown Chipped Off Tooth – Will a Cavity or Root Be Exposed?

A restoration that surrounds a tooth and forms a cap above the gum line is known as a dental crown. Dental crowns are often recommended for broken or damaged teeth that cannot be corrected by a filling. They have the ability to:
· Restore a tooth after a root canal
· Support a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay
· Hold together a broken or cracked tooth
· Protect a worn tooth
· Anchor a dental bridge
Although many dental crowns last forever, sometimes they can chip or break. Some of the most common reasons crowns chip or break include:
· Grinding or clenching
· Poor installation
· Hard and sticky foods
· Blows to the face
· Falls
If you find yourself with a broken or chipped dental crown, you may be wondering whether a cavity or root will be exposed. Since it may be, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible.
In order to reduce discomfort and prevent further damage before making it to the dentist, consider:
· Rubbing your tongue gently across the affected tooth
· Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever
Once you visit one of our Raleigh, NC dentists, they will determine how much of your dental crown has chipped, the location of it, and the condition of it. Bonding which involves placing resin on your crown and shaping it to look like your natural tooth may be used to correct a dental crown chipped off tooth. Fortunately, this process is pain-free and requires no numbing.

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