Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Cheaper Than a Root Canal?

Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Cheaper Than a Root Canal?

If you have a serious infection in your mouth, you will likely need to choose between two options: getting your tooth pulled or a root canal. Although having your tooth pulled is the more affordable, simpler choice, it’s not the ideal solution.

When you have a tooth that is missing, the teeth that surround it may shift their places to fill the empty spot. If this occurs, you may experience a bad bite or crooked teeth and increase your risk of developing an issue in the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. A problem in the TMJ joint may lead to biting and chewing challenges in addition to headaches, dizziness, ear pain, and ringing in the ears.

If you’d like to avoid these complications, the dentists at Wells Family Dental Group recommend keeping your original teeth by undergoing a root canal procedure. While a root canal may involve several trips to our office, it will effectively save your tooth.

First, we’ll numb your tooth for comfort and remove its nerve from the pulp chamber and root canal or the space inside the root. We may place medicine in the pulp chamber and root canal in order to remove bacteria. In most cases, we’ll fill your root canal with a rubber like material in order to seal it.

Then, we’ll place a temporary filling on your tooth to prevent contamination. Lastly, your temporary filling will be removed and restored with a crown or filling. The crown or filling is intended to strengthen your tooth and improve its appearance.

Even though root canals have a bad reputation, they can improve the appearance, function, and health of your smile and reduce your risk of serious complications down the road.

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