How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

Wisdom teeth also known as “third molars” are the last to form and first to erupt in the mouth. Generally, wisdom teeth erupt anywhere from the late teens to early adult years. Previously, wisdom teeth seemed to provide more use than they do now since humans had larger more developed jaws. Nowadays, wisdom teeth are not as needed because individuals have smaller jaws and can maintain their permanent teeth much better.

Wisdom teeth removal may be performed on individuals where overcrowding, acute or chronic problems are occurring. Individuals that have no problems at all may even undergo wisdom teeth removal as well. Consulting with your general dentist is suggested when deciding on wisdom teeth removal. If needed your dentist may refer you out to an oral surgeon who will be able to provide you with treatment that best suits your needs.

Wisdom Teeth Removal-Post Operative Care

If you have received oral surgery, recovery is pretty straightforward. It is important that you strictly follow the post-operative guidelines that were given to you by your surgeon. By strictly following the procedures that were given to you, this will ensure that you recover more quickly and efficiently.


Specifically, what cannot be stressed enough is that you should refrain from smoking for at least a week following wisdom teeth removal. The longer you can keep from smoking, the better condition your overall health and your oral health will be in since you immediately start to improve your circulation and breathing by not smoking. In fact, this could be a good opportunity to give up smoking, as you often do not feel like smoking for a week or two following wisdom teeth surgery.

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