Bit Into Something Soft and Lost a Crown, What Do I Do?

Bit Into Something Soft and Lost a Crown, What Do I Do?

Losing a crown may seem alarming, but it can happen even while biting into something soft. In fact, this sort of situation happens more often than you would think. So do not panic and feel as if you are the only who has been in this situation!

Why would I lose my crown?

Seeing as a crown is a cover over a natural tooth, things can happen to the natural tooth that would cause the crown to fall off—it isn’t just the soft food you bit into that caused the crown to come off. There can be many different factors leading up to the unfortunate event of your crown coming out. To be more specific, factors like continued decay or continuous grinding of your teeth can explain for an event like this. Other scenarios, like frequently eating overly chewy or crunchy foods can cause a crown to come off, making the crown looser and looser, causing it to eventually come off.

What to do if your crown has come off:

If your crown falls out, try to save as much of the crown as possible and call a dentist right away! If it helps, you can put your crown in a sandwich bag and keep it in safe place until you meet with the dentist. By having the crown with you at the dental appointment, this can help the dentist to evaluate what happened to the crown in order to decide on which kind of treatment will be most appropriate.

In certain cases, the crown may not be damaged and can be re-cemented back on the tooth. However, in many other cases, you may need to have the tooth re-evaluated for another crown. It is better to address this immediately rather than let it get even worse. There have been some cases in which patients try to save money today only to find they have to spend a lot more later. We do not want you taking out a personal loan just to pay for dental work.

For Immediate Assistance, Please Contact Us

If you have lost a crown, please do not hesitate to call Wells Family Dental Group, located in the Raleigh area. Our staff would be more than happy to help schedule you for an emergency appointment – our office is pleased to announce that we offer extended hours for dental emergencies.

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