North Raleigh Family Dentist Offering Tooth Extraction

North Raleigh Family Dentist Offering Tooth Extraction

If you’re searching for a North Raleigh family dentist that offers tooth extractions, look no further than Wells Family Dental Group. A tooth extraction is designed to remove decayed, damaged, or problematic teeth. While we make an effort to preserve natural teeth, a tooth extraction is necessary in some cases.

The most common reason we perform tooth extractions is severe cavities. Many of our patients, however, also receive tooth extractions for their wisdom teeth. Cracked teeth, malformed teeth, and advanced periodontal disease may also warrant the need for a tooth extraction. Sometimes, tooth extractions can be prevented with optimal oral care and regular trips to the dentist. Other times, the circumstances that require them are simply unavoidable.

During the tooth extraction procedure, you can expect to be sedated so that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Then, a dentist will use special tools to rock the tooth from the socket until everything that holds it in place loosens. Surgery may be required if the tooth breaks or does not let go. Once the tooth is removed, the area will be carefully stitched up.

After a tooth extraction, you’ll be encouraged to stay away from certain foods and ensure the surgical site is always clean. You may also be required to take a prescription antibiotic to prevent infection. Refraining from smoking and drinking through a straw will also need to be avoided as they may lead to a painful condition called dry socket and delay the healing process.

While getting your tooth pulled may seem like an intimidating process, it’s actually fairly straightforward and painless.

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