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Raleigh Dentist That Accepts BCBSNC Dental Insurance

Raleigh Dentist That Accepts BCBSNC

Quality dental care is essential for patients of all ages. Children, teenagers, adults, and seniors should see a dentist in order to keep their teeth and smile in good shape. By making it a priority to visit the dentist at least every 6 months or so, you can reduce your risk of costly and uncomfortable dental complications down the road.

Here at Wells Family Dental Group, our goal is to make dental care affordable for all patients. That’s why, we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans, including those from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. If you are a member of BCBSNC, we encourage you to become a patient at our premier Raleigh area dental office.

About BCBSNC Dental Insurance Plans

BCBSNC offers coverage to patients in all 100 North Carolina counties. Using a BCBSNC dental insurance plan is easy. After selecting a licensed practicing dentist in North Carolina, a patient should make an appointment, and show their BCBSNC ID card to the receptionist at the dentist’s office.

A wide range of preventative services are covered under these plans including:

  • Routine dental checkups
  • Dental cleanings
  • Bitewing X-rays
  • Pulp testing
  • Fluoride treatments (for members up to the age of 18)
  • Palliative emergency treatment
  • Emergency oral examinations
  • Sealants (for members ages 6-15)
  • Space maintainers (for members under the age of 16)

Contact Wells Family Dental Group Today

If you’d like more information about our dental services or paying for your dental care through Raleigh, NC BCBSNC dental insurance, give us a call at 919.266.5332.

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