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Why Do I Get Random Throbbing Pains in My Teeth?

Why Do I Get Random Throbbing Pains in My Teeth?

If you get random throbbing pains in your teeth, you likely have a toothache. Cracked teeth, loose or broken fillings, receding gums, and bacterial infection may all cause toothaches. However, in most cases, toothaches are the result of tooth decay. In addition to random throbbing pains, a toothache may cause symptoms such as pain when you bite, bad breath, swelling gums, fever, and headache. It can make it difficult for you to go to work and perform your other daily responsibilities.

If your toothache has lasted for longer than one or two days, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. This should be a top priority as the longer you ignore the problem, the worse your toothache will become. While you’re waiting to see the dentist, it’s a good idea to take over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol so you can minimize the pain and discomfort.

Once you see the dentist, they will perform a thorough examination to determine the root cause of your toothache. If you do have tooth decay, they will likely recommend a filling. A filling involves removing the damaged portion of your tooth and replacing it with a filling. Dr. Wells likes to use composite fillings because they are very durable and long-lasting.

If the dentist finds that the pulp inside of your tooth is infected, you may require a root canal. Fortunately, a root canal is not as scary as it sounds. During a root canal treatment, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and insert a filling to prevent the infection from occurring again.

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