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Can I Go on Vacation This Summer After I Have an Extraction?

Can I Go on Vacation This Summer After I Have an Extraction?

With summertime quickly approaching, the fun will soon start to begin! Perhaps, you have some exciting vacations planned or plan to just spend the summer by the pool. No matter how your summer looks, you wouldn’t want anything getting in the way of your fun plans, especially if it is dental work!

At Wells Family Dental Group we are pleased to offer same day tooth extractions to our patients. With new technology and techniques, we are able to provide you with a quick and pain-free experience. If in need of an extraction, it may be for various reasons. Commonly, individuals may need a tooth extracted if a tooth cannot be saved, cannot be repaired, infected, etc. Regardless of your case, at we want to assure you that you’ll have a pleasant experience with us!

Extraction Procedure:
Once in the dental chair, you’ll receive an anesthetic, which numbs the tooth to ensure that your experience is pain-free! When you are fully numb, the dentist will use special tools to carefully loosen the tooth of interest. During this step, you might feel pressure from the tool, but no pain. When the tooth becomes extremely loose, forceps will be used to remove the tooth from your mouth. After this, you’ll be given moistened gauze and a specific set of instructions to follow.

Recovering from an Extraction:
The recovery process following an extraction is extremely beneficial towards the success of healing! Following the extraction, you’ll be told to take it easy for at least 24 hours. Take this as an opportunity to relax and focus on recovering. You’ll be given a particular set of instructions from the dentist to ensure that the extraction site can heal properly

Some of these important instructions are to avoid the following for at least the first 24 hours following your extraction:

  • Any food or drink with extreme temperatures (very hot or very cold)
  • Mouthwash
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Exercise

What to do?
If you know that you may need an extraction, it may be in your best interest to schedule your appointment ahead of time prior to any vacation. That way you can take the right amount of time to take it easy for a proper recovery before any big plans occur.

Contact Wells Family Dental Group:

For any additional information regarding extractions or to schedule your appointment, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience!

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