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Cardio Fitness After Cavity Filling – Yes or No?

There are countless benefits of engaging in regular cardio fitness. Doing so can help you burn fat and calories, strengthen your heart so it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood, increase your lung capacity, and reduce your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It’s a great to keep yourself healthy and protect your body from serious health conditions.

If you love cardio and participate it on a regular basis, you may be wondering how a cavity filling will affect your routine. Fortunately, a cavity filling is a fairly simple procedure that comes with a fairly short recovery period. A dentist will ask you to refrain from cardio and other vigorous activity. However, this will only be for a few days. While every patient is different, it usually takes 3 to 5 days for most patients to be able to resume their regular routine.

There are a number of reasons we don’t recommend going back to cardio right away. First and foremost, vigorous physical activity can inhibit the healing process and prevent your mouth and gums from healing properly. If you return to cardio faster than you should, your filling has a good chance of becoming loose. You’ll need to return to the dentist for another filling if this does occur.

In addition, your dentist may prescribe you pain relievers so that you feel more comfortable during the healing process. They may lead to side effects such as lightheadedness and dizziness that can make running, jogging, and other cardio exercises very dangerous. We suggest you relax and take things easy so you can fully recover before you return to cardio. A good friend and South Tampa dermatologist Dr. Amy Ross always says taking a few days off for a full recovery will go a long way towards perfect health.

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