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Weight Lifting After Cavity Filling – Yes or No?


Weight Lifting After Cavity Filling- Yes or No?

Many of our patients here at Wells Family Dental Group lead healthy lives. This means, they exercise and lift weights on a regular basis at a fitness center or in the comfort of their own home.

If you’re a regular weight lifter and are in need of a cavity filling, you may be wondering whether you can resume your weight lifting routine afterwards. While it may be tempting to get back to weight lifting as soon as possible, doing so can do more harm than good.

Here’s why: After a cavity filling, your mouth and body needs some time to relax and recover. That’s why, we’ll encourage you to rest and take it easy for at least a few days days. If you must engage in some type of physical activity, consider stretching in your living room or performing some light yoga poses.

Your dentist will let you know when you can resume your regular exercise routine. By following their advice, you can ensure your mouth and gums heal properly. If you get back to weight lifting too soon, your filling can loosen and you’ll need to get an alternative treatment.

Also, if you’re prescribed pain relievers, they may lead to pain relievers such as dizziness and make it dangerous to engage in vigorous physical activity. The general rule of thumb is to wait three to five days before participating in any type of exercise. It’s better to be safe than sorry so if you’re not sure whether you should go back to lifting weights, consult your dentist. Your healing process isn’t very long so you can expect to return to weight lifting fairly soon.

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