Why Does My Husband Drool So Much at Night?

Why Does My Husband Drool So Much at Night?

Recently, we had a patient ask us whether we know why her husband drool so much in his sleep. She explained that she wakes up every morning and notices a large puddle of drool on her husband’s pillow. “Should be concerned? Is this normal?” she asked.

We explained to her that there are a number of reasons her husband may be excessively drooling. Sleep position is the first reason. If he usually sleeps on his side, his mouth may relax to the point where it actually opens and allows saliva to make its way out.

Allergies may also cause drooling at night. If our patient’s husband has a stuffed up or runny nose due to allergies, his mouth may produce too much saliva and cause him to drool a lot at night. An over-the-counter allergy medication may resolve this issue.

Acid reflux may lead to nighttime drooling as well. It can activate the esophageal salivary reflux, which increases saliva production. Staying away from foods that prompt acid reflux is highly recommended in this case.

In addition, sinus infections as well as tonsillitis, a condition in which the tonsils become inflamed or swollen may cause excessive drooling at night as well. Although drooling at night may be embarrassing, it is rarely a serious problem. It’s usually a side effect of another condition that can be treated with ease. If you or a loved one are facing this issue, a doctor or dentist should be able to help you resolve it quickly.

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