Lots of Saliva After Tooth Removed – Should I Worry?

Lots of Saliva After Tooth Removed – Should I Worry?

There are a number of reasons a dentist may prescribe a tooth removal. Removing your tooth may be necessary if your tooth has severe decay and cannot be repaired, you’ve been injured n a serious accident, your teeth are overcrowded, or you have gum disease.

After a dentist removes your tooth, you are likely to experience lots of saliva. If this happens to you, you may panic and wonder if there’s something wrong. Do not worry as excessive saliva after a tooth removal is completely normal. Here’s why it happens:

When you have your tooth removed, your body treats the area as a wound that needs to heal. Your saliva comes to rescue and serves as a healing and disinfecting agent that will naturally cleanse your mouth of blood vessels, bacteria, and unnecessary cells. For this reason, you may have an excessive amount of saliva and drool.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your drooling under control. We recommend keeping gauze pads in place as we instruct you to do so and swallowing your saliva instead of spitting it out. You should also refrain from using a straw to drink and use a warm compress outside of your cheek.

Drooling should only last as long as your recovery process lasts. If you find that your drooling continues even after you’ve fully recovered, be sure to contact our office right away. We can check to make sure the excessive saliva and drooling is not a cause for concern. If it is caused by an infection or another issue, we’ll help you treat it right away.

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