If a Tooth Cracks, Will I Need a Crown?

If a Tooth Cracks, Will I Need a Crown?

Although teeth are very durable, they may become damaged. One of the most common damages we see here at Wells Family Dental Group is cracking. When a tooth is cracked, it has a split fracture or crack. It can run in virtually any direction and may penetrate a small portion of the tooth or the entire tooth.

There are a variety of reasons you may face a cracked tooth. You may have a filling that has weakened the tooth. If you grind your teeth regularly, you may also experience a cracked tooth because you are wearing down. Hard foods such as ice or candy may also cause your tooth to crack. In addition, you may have a cracked tooth after getting into a car accident or getting injured in the mouth while playing a contact sport.

Although the symptoms of a cracked tooth vary depending on the crack’s severity, the most common ones include hot or cold sensitivity, chewing pain, random shooting pain, and excessive pain every time you eat food that’s sweet or sour.

If you are showing any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to go to the dentist so that they can determine whether you have a cracked tooth. If your tooth does not have an obvious crack, you can expect your dentist to take some x-rays. If you do have a cracked tooth, treatment will depend on severity and location.

In the event your crack is compromising the tooth’s cusp, the weakened area may be removed so that a filling can be placed. If your tooth crack is more severe, you may need a crown. At Wells Family Dental Group, we offer CEREC same day crowns. Through cutting-edge technology, you can receive a custom, color-matched ceramic crown while you relax in our office in a single visit.

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