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What are the Benefits of a Family Dental Practice?

What are the Benefits of a Family Dental Practice?

Establishing care with a dental professional you can trust is extremely important for individuals of all ages. Both children and adults should feel comfortable in the dental chair. The dentist shouldn’t have to be a place for uneasiness and nerves; it should be a place that feels like home every time you walk in the door.

More importantly, if you have yet to find your dental “home” that is right for you and your children, a family dental practice would be something to strongly consider today. The benefits of a family dental practice simply can’t be matched!

At a family dental practice, the staff and providers are trained to specifically treat all age groups— from toddlers to the elderly. This can make your life much simpler. Instead of having the hassle of taking the kids to a separate pediatric dentist, the kids can have appointments at the same time as yours! Additionally, if interested, kids can watch their parents in the dental chair, which sets a gold standard for them by being able to visualize what it’s like to be a patient in the chair. They’ll know if their parents seem to enjoy the dentist that they can too!

Generally, a wide variety of services are available for both you and the kids at a family dental practice. Services may range anywhere from fillings to emergency care. Some offices may even have sedation dentistry to help comfort any nerves for patients. Plus, this saves any inconvenience of having to be referred out to a dental specialist.

Overall, by switching to a family dental practice, the relationship between both the patient and the dentist has the potential to last a lifetime. If an individual has the same dentist from childhood into their adult years, the level of trust established can’t compare to anything else. This certainly can make voicing any dental concerns much easier with that level of trust. By staying with the same dentist from childhood, it can also make it easier to track dental history since all of the dental records are in one confined location.

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